The Challenge


The Image Analytics Challenge will charge UConn students to help Hanover gain better insight into the locations of existing (renewal) and future (new business) customers for both Commercial and Personal Lines. To participate in the challenge students must create a team (we want interdisciplinary teams), attend workshops, and participate in mentoring sessions.  The culmination of this Challenge will be presenting your solutions to The Hanover Team.

Participant Information


Category Description Reward Total
Threshold 1 All team members present some insights found from their work with the data. All roles must participate.  $100/ person $400
Threshold 2  All criteria from Threshold 1. Students must also present evidence of a higher level of effort including workshop contributions or more advanced data analysis. $250/ person $1,000
Threshold 3 All criteria from Threshold 2. Students must also present evidence of more developed insights that can be achieved through attending mentor sessions or advanced research.  Solution presented have to feasible for implementation. $500/ person $2,000
Threshold  4 All criteria from Threshold 3. Hanover judges will pick the top solutions and students may be offered an on-campus internship to incubate their idea at OPIM Innovate during the spring semester. $500 / person & Internship Opportunity $2,000



Sept 11th - 6:30 - 8 PM Careers in Analytics Panel Discussion - Sponsored by Hanover Insurance Seminar McHugh 101 Jonathan Moore  & Hanover Team
Sept 18th - 6 - 7 PM Hanover Data Challenge Kickoff Meeting Library 2119A Jonathan Moore
Sept 19th - 4 - 6 PM Intro to Data Analytics Workshop BUSN 127 Ryan O'Connor
Sept 25th Challenge teams confirmed Email Email Jonathan Moore
Sept 27th Data challenge sent to teams Email Email Jonathan Moore
Oct 2nd - 11 - 2 PM Project Prototyping / Business Planning Mentoring BUSN 391 Hanover SME
Oct 18rd - 1-3 PM Agile Data Workshop BUSN 127
Oct 30th - 11 - 2 PM Project Prototyping / Business Planning Mentoring BUSN 391 Hanover SME
Oct 31st - 4 - 6 PM Predictive Analytics Workshop BUSN 127 Ryan O'Connor
Nov 6th - 11 - 2 PM Project Prototyping / Business Planning Mentoring BUSN 391 Hanover SME
Nov 7th - 4 - 6 PM Data Visualization Workshop BUSN 127 Ryan O'Connor
Nov 13th - 11 - 2 PM Project Prototyping / Business Planning Mentoring BUSN 391 Hanover SME
Nov 14th - 4 - 6 PM CBA of Data Models Workshop BUSN 127 Ryan O'Connor
Nov 20th

Dinner 5-7

Data Challenge Presentations

Awards Dinner

Presentations Student Union 330 Ryan O'Connor & Hanover Team



Teams must be composed of four students with different majors. Each team will have four different roles: Business Analyst, Developer, Data Analyst, and Marketing Specialist. We will go over these roles in more detail at the Kick-off Meeting. The Kick-off Meeting will be September 18th  in the Library, 2119A. If you don't have a full four member team or you are a single student that is interested please make sure to attend the kickoff meeting so we can find a way to form full teams.  If a team is interested, at least one team member must attend the kickoff meeting. Teams must be confirmed by September 25th and the Challenge will be emailed to teams on September 27th. 


  • Business Analyst - The business analyst is the link between the stakeholder and the project team. The requirements for business analysts may vary between positions but their main purpose is to analyze, evaluate, and refine processes.
  • Developer - The data developer is someone who is responsible for the coding or programming of a data application. The requirements for the data developer may vary between positions but their main purpose is to design, build, and configure data models
  • Data Analyst - Data analysts translate numbers into plain English. Every business collects data, whether it's sales figures, market research, logistics, or transportation costs. A data analyst's job is to take that data and use it to help companies make better business decisions.
  • Marketing Specialist - Marketing specialists and research analysts have their finger on the pulse of what sells around the country, analyzing demographic data, buying habits, and looking at competitor’s pricing. A marketing specialist’s job is to make sure the data model aligns with the campaign needs.

Challenge Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines

On November 20th, teams will present their solutions to Hanover. Teams have from September 27th to November 20th to prepare their presentation. During this time it is recommended you attend workshops, mentoring sessions, and meet as a team to develop the slides and practice your presentation. You will present your solution to the challenge for 15 minutes and have 10 minutes for a Q&A.

Presentations are limited to 15 minutes in length. Time warnings at 10, 5, and 1 min(s) before the end of the presentation will be provided. Presentations will be stopped at 15 minutes sharply. The Question & Answer section is limited to 10 minutes in length. Time warnings will be provided at 5 min and 1 min before the end of the section. Q&A will be stopped at 10 minutes sharply.

Presentations are required to be done using Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 or higher

Teams may not provide the judges with any materials, nor bring or use external materials or props during presentations, with the only exception being the usage of a clicker.

Presentations are going to be judged on three separate categories (Each category out of 10 - max 30 points, the final score is the average of all judges total):

  • Quality of slides and presentation - includes aesthetics and preparation 
  • Presentation of case solution - includes Q&A answers
  • Alignment with realistic solution - includes justification and methodologies 

Competition Guidelines

Once all teams have presented the judging panel will deliberate and determine which teams fall under which thresholds. These teams will be announced at the awards dinner on November 20th. 

All resources found online or with other sources can be utilized, but must be referenced. Teams should not be discussing the challenge solutions among each other because there is no one right solution. Those presentations that are too alike will not be scored as highly because they lack innovative and out of the box thinking. Teams are encouraged to get feedback from faculty, staff, and Hanover professionals however all slides must only be created by members on that team

For any questions about the competition or any guidelines please contact