XR Hub

OPIM Innovate is located at the UConn School of Business OPIM Department outside of Room 388. After checking in at the front desk with one of our lab specialists, you will be standing in our XR Hub. 

The XR Hub is a dedicated space for hands-on discovery of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 360° video equipment. The space features various different VR headsets, each with its own unique experience. With each headset outputting its screen to displays, those around you can see what you are seeing in real-time, and is a great tool to help introduce those to VR and help facilitate VR learning. This space is also where we host our open VR hours for students and faculty to have fun and try all the different experiences and truly understand the potential of virtual reality. In this space, we also have our AR and 360° video tools, tech kits, and resources for you to take advantage of.

   XReality Track