Research Lab

The Gladstein Research Laboratory is located in the OPIM Department Room 391 of the UConn School of Business.

The lab is dedicated to researching a variety of emerging technologies at greater length. Students, staff, and faculty have the opportunity to work across our 8 learning modules. This space is where you can complete our 4 in-person lab learning modules which include 3D tech, X-Reality, Circuitry, and Applied Tech. Our XR Hub which is right around the corner from our lab features all of our X-Reality resources. Our virtual tech kits can be accessed in the Tech Kits tab, through the VIBE portal on HuskyCT and are also available in the lab for you to take advantage of our equipment and lab specialists. All our tech kits can be accessed online through the Tech Kits tab or by clicking each tech icon as well as by visiting the lab and scanning the QR codes located around the room. 

OPIM Innovate provides the space and resources for self-guided hands-on learning to help develop research skills and knowledge of emerging technology which are great to build your resume. 

This space also serves to facilitate our workshop series throughout the semester. Our goal is to educate the UConn community about these new technologies and develop potential business uses.

   3D Tech Track


   Circuitry Track


   Applied Tech Track