Participant Information

Teams will be provided a 20 minute time block. This includes 1 - 2 minutes of introductions and setup, 8 minutes of presentation, and 5 minutes of  Question/Answer time.  Time warnings at 5 and 1 min(s) before the end of the presentation will be provided. Presentations will be stopped at 8 minutes sharply.  Q&A will be stopped at 5 minutes sharply.

Presentations are required to be done using Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 or higher

Presentations are going to be judged on 4 separate categories (Each category out of 10 - max 40 points, the final score is the average of all judges total):

  • Data Analysis Finding
  • Visualizations and Reasoning
  • Documentation
  • Final Group Presentation  

The top 3 UConn teams will be chosen for Travelers Day / Presentation 2 where they will compete against the top 3 teams from ECSU for a chance to win the Scholarship placement awards.

Competition Schedule

Event Date & Time Location
Kick-Off Meeting Wednesday February 15th

5:30 - 6:30pm

Team Registration Thursday, February 16th Email
Case Sent Out Friday, February 17th


Case Presentations Round 1 Friday, March 3rd BUSN 201 / 202
Travelers Day / Presentations Round 2 Friday, March 10th Travelers - Hartford
Award Meeting Meeting Link


Important Deadlines

Event Date & Time Location
Deadline for Team Registration Thursday, February 16th Email
Withdraw Deadline Monday, February 27th Email
Sign Up for Presentations February 27th - March 2nd TBA
Presentation Submission Thursday, March 2nd TBA


Scholarship Awards

Place Scholarship Total
First Place $500/ person $1500
Second Place
$250/ person $750
Third Place  $125/ person $375