3D Printing Competition


Can you 3D model the strongest boat? In OPIM Innovate's 3D printing competition, participants will submit a unique boat design to encompass the best buoyancy. Submit an STL file of your design and we will print it for you!


Participants will submit a unique boat design to encompass the best buoyancy. 

  • No adjusting the slicer settings from their defaults (all submissions will be printed in PLA filament with 15% infill)
  • Whether it be a cavity in the boat or a 2x2 inch platform on top, there must be a way to place small 5 gram weights in the boat
  • All prints must be completed in the Innovate lab to ensure proper slicer settings
    • No outside prints will be able to compete
  • You cannot add any any additional pieces to your print
  • Prints must be able to be completed in less than 10 hours
  • Prints must be submitted in .STL file format through the submission form
  • Prints must be no bigger than a base of 6.5in x 2.5in with a height no taller than 2in
  • IT MUST BE A CONVENTIONAL BOAT, no flat rafts, buoys, or simple floating objects will be accepted.


Event Date/Time Location
Competition Kickoff Friday November 3rd, 4-5pm BUSN 391
Sign-Up and Submission Deadline Wednesday November 8th, 1pm Form
Judging Wednesday November 15th, 11am-1pm BUSN 391

Prizes & Awards

Award Prize
Most Buoyant 3D Printing Pen
Most Artistic 3D Printed Trophy
Least PLA Used 3D Printed Trophy