Tech Tracks

Our lab research specialists have identified 10 fields of emerging technologies, which are broken down across 10 learning blocks within the lab. Each learning block contains 3 tech tracks, each of which focuses on a specific technology within that emerging tech sector. Each tech track contains 3 tech kits which are further broken down into three different difficulty tiers: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each tech kit is self-guided and meant to be completed within 30 – 60 minutes. 

Beginner is meant for a user who knows nothing about technology but wants to start learning introductory concepts. Intermediate assumes some basic knowledge about the technology and requires more problem-solving. Advanced is open-ended and gives the user a more complicated task to perform in order to master the subject. Check out each tech track page to learn more about the various technology and resources we provide within each level of tech kit.

There are two types of Tech Kits that are available: Lab Kits and Virtual Kits.

Learning Activities

Each of the seven learning blocks focuses on three related technologies. Each Tech Kit focuses on a different technology and is broken down into three  different tiers all meant to be completed within 30 – 60 minutes.

Beginner is meant for an user who knows nothing about a technology but wants to start learning. Intermediate assumes some base knowledge about the technology and provides less direction. Advanced is open ended and gives the user a more complicated task to perform. Check out each technology page to get a description of each level of tech kit.


Lab Kits

The first kind of Tech Kits that are available must be done at Innovate Labs due to hardware requirements and resources only found within the lab. These are specifically referred to as Lab Kits.

3D Tech
Applied Tech
Internet of Things
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Virtual Kits

The second kind of tech kits available is to be completed virtually through the VIBE portal on HuskyCT. They can also be accessed through the links on our website when you are logged into your UConn email account. These tech kits can be done in the lab or any machine at home but may require you to download software. These are specifically referred to as Virtual Kits.

Artificial Intelligence
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Smart Tech
Data Visualization
Predictive Analytics
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Eco Innovate

The third tech offered in the lab is our Eco Innovate which seeks to further the development of ecologically sustainable technology while educating on the importance of respecting the environment and adopting environmentally friendly development practices and technologies.


Grow 2 Give

Grow 2 Give

With Grow2Give, our ‘Littlest Huskies’ at the Child Development Lab learn about the plant life cycle and complete a fun art project by decorating pots and planting mint plants. The plants are then donated to undergraduate students, as studies have shown that taking care of a plant has many of the same benefits to mood, sense of wellbeing, and connectedness that come from taking care of a pet. The fact that they were grown and decorated by preschoolers for this intended purpose can only enhance this beneficial impact.


FarmBot is an autonomous open-source computer numerical control (CNC) farming robot that prioritizes sustainability and optimizes modern farming techniques. Using computer numerical control, FarmBot can accurately and repeatedly conduct experiments with no human input and therefore, very little error. We can write sequences, plan regimens and events to collect data 24/7 in addition to monitoring the system remotely. This allows us to plan as many plants, crops, inputs, and operations as needed.

Tech Kits