Meet the Team

The OPIM Innovate initiative is led by MIS Academic Director, Jonathan Moore, with assistance from adjunct faculty Ryan O’Connor, and our Project Coordinator Tara Watrous.

The Lab Specialists each have a technology focus area, but are cross trained in technologies across all 15 areas of 3D Printers, Microcontrollers, Data Analytics, Virtual Reality, and Internet of Things devices. They are available to walk you through the process of design thinking and provide all of the resources in our Innovation Space and Research Lab.

The Marketing Specialists each have their focus on a different part of representing the OPIM Innovate initiative. Our website, marketing strategy, and organizational relationships are all overseen to create as much synergy with partners as possible.

All guests must sign in to use the Innovation Space or the Research Lab. Time in the lab must be scheduled if for an extended period of time.

The Lab Team

Robert McClardy

Year: Junior

Major: Computer Science

Role: Lab Manager

Robert has been working with the OPIM department since the fall of 2017. He is very interested in Internet of Things and learning more about data analytics.  Robert is currently working on attaching custom motion sensors in the 3D printed School of Business model.

Eli Udler

Year: Senior

Major: Computer Science and Engineering

Role: Lab Research Specialist

Eli has been working with the OPIM department since the fall of 2018. He is researching wearable technology with integrated biometric sensors. His interests include the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Vaughn Nangle

Year: Senior 

Major: Physics (General)

Role: Lab Research Specialist 

Vaughn has been working with the OPIM department since the summer of 2018. He is interested, and specializes, in the 3D modeling and printing at Innovate. He is working on updating and redesigning the 3D design/microcontroller tech kits.

Rachel Fein

Year: Junior 

Major: Management Information Systems

Role: Lab Research Specialist 

Rachel has been working with the OPIM department since fall of 2019. She is a MIS major interested in learning more about data analytics with a concentration in Tableau and R. 

Thomas Rivet

Year: Senior 

Major: Computer Science and Engineering with minors in Mathematics and Music

Role: Lab Research Specialist 

Thomas has been working with the OPIM department since Fall 2019. He is interested in learning about blockchain technology, drones, and machine learning. 

The Marketing Team

Alex Kunze

Year: Junior

Major: Digital Media & Design

Role: Graphic Designer

Alex is a college junior gaining experience and education in the field of digital media and design with a concentration in web design and interactive multimedia. He has been pursuing his interest in graphic design his entire life!

Mariah Donahue

Year: Sophomore

Major: Computer Science and Engineering and German Studies

Role: Web Development Specialist 

Mariah has been working with the OPIM department since the start of Spring 2019. Within OPIM Innovate, she works closely with the rest of the marketing team to develop the websites for OPIM Innovate, the OPIM Department, and for the Information Management Association.