The OPIM Innovation Space is an area dedicated to hands-on discovery. It is meant to be the entry point for our initiative where students begin to interact with our student Lab Specialists. Through our programs, we are able to offer a variety of opportunities to those affiliated with us. 

Our internal programs consist of collaborating with students and other departments within the University. Our external programs go beyond UConn towards the wider general public. In-Class programs are a mix of internal and external programs that feature classrooms coming into Innovate for educational purposes. This usually means running demonstrations on the equipment in the lab and letting students actively engage with the content. Finally, Non-Profit programs are also another mixture of internal and external programs that feature Non-Profits as the name suggests.

Internal Programs

Management & Engineering for Manufacturing (MEM) 

The program of MEM (Management & Engineering for Manufacturing) is an independent academic major that belongs to both the School of Engineering and the School of Business. 


Young Scholar Senior Summit 

The Young Scholars Senior Summit (YSSS) program is a three-week, inquiry-based enrichment experience housed at the University of Connecticut exclusively for the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation's Young Scholars. The virtual YSSS program will involve the scholars in relevant research activities in authentic situations under the guidance of esteemed university mentors. The scholars will be provided with an opportunity to work with accomplished university professors and/or advanced graduate students on projects in shared areas of interest within an individualized setting.


Innovate Connect

External Programs

Girls in Tech

In-Class Programs


Non-Profit Programs

Grow 2 Give

At the height of the pandemic 2020, Grow2Give was conceived to benefit two distinct groups in need: undergraduate students isolated by COVID restrictions, and preschool children, as preschools were opening back up and curriculums were being rewritten.