360 Video

360-degree videos are recordings where a view in every direction is recorded at the same time, shot using an omnidirectional camera or by stitching together a series of videos. The immersion factor of 360 videos is what makes them quite innovative as it allows users to watch real places to a fuller extent without requiring a bulk of technology. 360 videos are now able to be made right from your own phone! More and more videos are gradually integrating 360 viewing options as time goes by, so the uses are still to be explored further beyond just tourism.

Tech Kits

Tech Kits are part of the walk-in service provided by OPIM Innovate. There are three levels of difficulty meant for different users and their experience with the different technologies. Many of the Tech Kits build off each other as you progress.


Introducing 360° Tours in Google Earth

Length: 30-60 Minutes

Description: Google Earth is the largest and most realistic 360 and satellite imagery that allows you to explore nearly all parts of the world. In this tech kit, the user will explore and travel the world through 360 tours then, learn how to take your own tour using Google Earth.


Creating Interactive Experiences for 360° Photos

Length: 30-60 Minutes

Description: In this tech kit, you will learn how to take your own 360° photo using Google Street View to make an interactive photo experience in ThingLink. Street View is a database consisting of millions of panoramic images, allowing users to virtually explore all parts of the world through immersive 360° imagery. ThingLink is an online software that allows users to create an engaging visual learning tool.


Creating Interactive 360° Tours Using ThingLink

Length: 30-60 Minutes

Description: ThingLink is a software that allows users to create unique interactive experiences using 360 photos and videos. Users are able to embed their own text, voice, photos, and videos into 360 media, allowing for immersive virtual tours.



Description: ThingLink is an app that allows you to augment photos and create interactive images, videos & 360° media.

Google Street View

Description: Google Street View is a technology featured in Google Maps and Google Earth that provides interactive panoramas from positions along many streets in the world.