Automated Logistics

The physical flow of products from suppliers to consumers consists of a complex network of human resources, information, activities, and transit. As a result of technological advancement, these processes are rapidly improved upon through automation and robotics technologies. This industry is the forefront of modern industrialization, and will likely continue to overtake current supply chain methods.

Tech Kits

Tech Kits are part of the walk-in service provided by Innovate Labs. There are three levels of difficulty meant for different users and their experience with the different technologies. Many of the Tech Kits build off each other as you progress.


Introducing Automation Technology with VEX Workcell

Length: 30-60 Minutes

Description: This tech kit introduces users to the VEX workcell, which is a robotic arm and conveyor belt system that can be programmed to perform different tasks. In this tech kit users will use a marker attatched to the robotic arm and, using the coordinates system, draw out a line.


Transporting Objects Using the V5 Optical Sensor

Length: 30-60 Minutes

Description: This tech kit introduces users to transporting objects with the robotic arm, as well as using optical sensors to detect certain objects. In this tech kit users will program the robotic arm to pick up a blue or red disk, the robotic arm will then hold the object in front of an optical sensor to determine the color of the object, and depending on the color will place it into a certain drop-off point.


Conveyor System Automation with Optical Sensors and Line Tracker Technology

Length: 30-60 Minutes Minutes

Description: This tech kit incorporates all of the systems and sensors of the VEX workcell. Users will pass green and red discs along the conveyor belt, programming the workcell to identify the colored disks, discarding the red disks, and using the robotic arm to pick up and move the green disk.



VEX Workcell

VEX Workcell

Type: Hardware

Description: Alongside VEXcode software, this construction system creates a 5-axis robotic arm with conveyors and sensors.

VEXcode V5

Type: Software

Description:VEXcode V5 is the coding environment for programming the VEX V5 Robot.