Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics service that can be used to create interactive dashboards and reports, giving businesses the power to comprehend and draw insights from large data sets. In a world where businesses are drowning in data, it has never been more crucial for businesses to have the capacity to gain insights from massive pools of data.

Tech Kits

Tech Kits are part of the walk-in service provided by Innovate Labs. There are three levels of difficulty meant for different users and their experience with the different technologies. Many of the Tech Kits build off each other as you progress.


Introduction to Microsoft Power BI

Length: 30 - 60 Minutes

Description: Knowing how to draw impactful insights from large amounts of data is a valuable skill to have to gain an understanding of occurring events within a business. Data visualization helps to turn your data into a story that is easy to understand to a wider audience that may not have a technical background. In this tech kit, you will learn the basics of navigating Microsoft Power BI and how to create simple data visualizations.


Transforming Data with Power BI

Length: 30 - 60 Minutes

Description: Having the ability to create visualizations is an important skill to have, however, to create visualizations, you first need to have useful and functioning data to base these visualizations on. In this tech kit, you will learn how to upload your dataset and transform it prior to use so you can get the most accurate and actionable results from your visualizations.


Power BI Analytical Dashboards

Length: 30 - 60 Minutes

Description: After learning how to transform data and create simple data visualizations, you will further develop these skills through this final tech kit. You will wrap up your Power BI learning track by learning about dashboards and the four basic types of chart classifications. You will then use this information to build out a dashboard that could be used to gain insights into a business environment.



Power BI Desktop logo

Power BI Desktop

Type: Software

Description: Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics service aimed at creating interactive dashboards and reports that can give actionable business insights to drive business results.