SQL or Structured Query Language, is a programming language used primarily in database management. SQL handles user queries to update and retrieve data from remote or local databases. SQL is a potent language that allows users to simply and effectively handle all of their database needs. Additionally, SQL has integration capabilities with most popular programming languages, allowing users to modify, update, and pull data from a centralized location.

Tech Kits

Tech Kits are part of the walk-in service provided by Innovate Labs. There are three levels of difficulty meant for different users and their experience with the different technologies. Many of the Tech Kits build off each other as you progress.


Introduction to SQL

Length: 30-60 Minutes

Description: In the beginner SQL module, students/participants will learn how a database is structured, as well as create their own first database, by importing a CSV file as a table. Students will also learn elementary SQL operations.


Using SQL Operations

Length: 30-60 Minutes

Description: Participants will learn how to modify the structure and contents of their tables. Participants will also learn how to manage and use cross-table functions.


SQL - Python Integration

Length: 30-60 Minutes Minutes

Description: In the advanced SQL module, participants learn how SQL interacts with other programming languages so that the data stored and managed in a SQL database can be applied and updated using a common development language.



SQLite Logo


Type: Programming Language

Description: SQLite is a lightweight, open source, distribution of SQL.


DB Browser Logo

DB Browser

Type: Application

Description: DB Browser allows users to utilize SQLite and create new databases or connect existing ones.


Python logo

Python 3.5

Type: Programming Language

Description: Python is an interpreted high-level programming language for general-purpose programming. Version 3.5 is a part of the many new versions that continuously are being put out.


VSCode logo

Visual Studio Code

Type: Application

Description: VSCode is a free, open source application that allows users to edit code with the help of built0in programming features.