Month: May 2019

Social Media Integration and Interaction Analysis Using Natural Language Processing

The goal of our project was to implement a score system for Convention Nation, a company that recommends conventions to its users. Scores would be assigned based on level of engagement with Convention Nation’s social media presence. This project combined the principles of gamification with a range of technologies offered at OPIM Innovate. We incorporated IOT in the form of a device that displays Facebook data, AI in the form of sentiment analysis and AR in the form of Splunk’s AR workspaces.

We were able to take data from Facebook using the Graph Application Programming Interface. We then used Natural Language Toolkit, a platform for working with natural language data in Python, to perform sentiment analysis on Facebook comments. For our presentation, we created a Facebook page that visitors could interact with and assigned scores to the administrators of the page. As each page admin made posts and visitors made comments on them, scores changed based on the level of constructive engagement. Splunk, a data analytics platform, provided a series of tools that could be used to view trends in the data and display it in augmented reality. I designed laser cut QR code lapel pins using the laser cutter at the Maker Studio in the library. The Splunk AR workspaces allowed us to scan the pins with an iPad and see our engagement scores appear next to us.

By: Eli Udler