Month: March 2023

Global Health Symposium Workshop

Join us on Wednesday March 28th from 6-8pm in BUSN 391 to learn more about the upcoming Global Health Symposium “The Price of Life”. This workshop will explore health data and analyze healthcare costs, especially during the COVID pandemic, using Tableau. Click the flyer to register!

Fish Tank Livewell

3D Printed Fish Tank Livewell parts

I designed and built a fish tank livewell for fishing. What these three different parts do are they attach onto the side of the tank. The lightweight plastics are extremely good for this, as it’s lightweight and doesn’t add a lot to the tank when moving it around, but allows for the higher well, aerating pump, and battery to be held there with constant pressure and not get splashed.
The employees at OPIM Innovate were extremely nice and helpful to help me slice my project and 3D print on the printer. I am currently at the process of 3D printing it which will help me assemble it to make the final project.
Submitted by: Liam Wilson