Applications of VR in Mind Body Research

Mind Body Health Group:

The UConn Mind Body Health Group will partner with the OPIM lab to use virtual reality and other related technology as potential interventions for various psychological and physical health disorders.  A presentation will be scheduled for this academic year open to those interested in mind body health research and applications of innovative technology.

Melissa Bray, Phd – Professor of School Psychology

Dissertation Research:

The OPIM lab is partnering with Johanna deLeyer-Tiarks, a School Psychology doctoral student under the advisement of Dr. Melissa Bray on her dissertation research. This study will investigate the usefulness of Virtual Reality technology as a delivery model for Self-Modeling, a practice rooted in Bandura’s theory of observational learning. It is theorized that VR technology will facilitate an immersive Self-Modeling experience which may promote stronger gains than traditional Self-Modeling approaches. A research project is being developed to investigate this theory through the applications of Virtual Reality Self-Modeling to individuals who stutter. The research will culminate in a VR intervention to treat clinical levels of chronic stuttering.

This project is in its early stages of development. IRB materials are not yet approved.

Johanna deLeyer-Tiarks,  – Phd Student, School Psychology